What is Snap Jaw?

Snap Jaw is an art studio collaboration developed by Jai and Dev! We make latex hoods and video games! But you’re here for the hoods!

Jai is our insanely talented artist who sculpts our hood designs and pours herself into the paint and polish of each custom order!
Dev is the master of technology, mold design, and logistics! He works behind the scenes on R&D and works out new techniques!

How much are your hoods?

Check out our shop and click through any of our designs to get an estimate! We've tried to make the process as straight-forward as possible. With that said, this is not a guaranteed price since it is not always possible to capture intricate or complex projects in a simple calculator. The final determination and quote will be provided after the design is fully communicated and agreed upon!

How do they fit?

Crown size (measure around the forehead just above the eyebrows) is the most accurate measurement to determine fit, even with this, each head is unique and your preference may depend on how tight you prefer your hood. If you’re on the boundary between sizes, decide if you prefer a little more room or a skin tight fit:

Neck measurements are more forgiving, but you may want to have your neck stretched out if you are a stockier build. Our Medium fits up to a 16.5" neck circumference comfortably but can be stretched to fit if you are larger, or tailored smaller if necessary. We'll take measurement for both crown and neck during the ordering process to ensure a good fit!

How do I get one?

We open up for custom orders on our shop page. You can subscribe for email alerts when slots open up! The process of ordering a custom hood is to fill out our order form for the hood you would like while we have the custom order forms up. All entries will be entered into a lottery and 3 will be selected for completion. The next time we open up you can re-enter if you did not get a slot, we do not have a long running queue and instead rely upon this random lottery for order selection.

Our raw pulls are more regularly restocked and available though we limit one sale per mold at a time to avoid a back-order. These are raw pulls which require you to perform cleanup, zipper installation, and painting!