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We thank you for your purchase and hope it brings you years of enjoyment. Please carefully read and follow the instructions in this care guide as they will help ensure your latex hood has a long and vibrant life!

Latex is a natural fiber which is derived from plants and can therefore rot if not properly looked after. With the proper maintenance and care your hood will last you for many years and look just like new!

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High Level Overview of Bad Latex Interactions:

SunlightHeatOils (Leather/Lubes/Vaseline)Crushing/Creasing

General Care:

  1. Wash the inside of the latex mask out after use, body oils can break down latex over time. Please carefully read our washing instructions for details!
  2. Every two weeks (or when your latex begins to appear slightly dusty or dry) apply pure silicone lube/polish to your hood to moisturize and revitalize the latex. We use Vivishine* with a good applying cloth (we use this one*) and it is perfectly suited for the purpose of keeping your latex fresh and new looking! A little goes a long way, a bottle should last for quite some time.
  3. For regular storage or display: do not store your latex hood in direct sunlight. Latex can dry out and degrade and the paints can discolor. Find a cool shaded place for your pup to live when not in use! You can certainly display your mask, but keep it away from windows.
  4. For long term storage: Apply silicone lube if you haven’t in some time. After that’s dried and excess is wiped off then lightly coat with talcum powder and store in a sealed plastic bag. Be certain to stuff the hood with a head form or with cloth so that it maintains its shape. Do not store in extremely hot or frozen conditions, try to keep it around 65* F +- 15 degrees.

    Be certain to wash your hood of talcum powder before wearing it again to avoid inhaling particulate matter that may not leave your lungs!
  5. Do not allow your mask to remain in a folded or crumpled state, store with a head-form and avoid allowing creases to form! Your latex hood is very durable, but the latex can deform and crease over time if improperly stored.

    [Premium Wig Stand + (Head (White) or Head (Black))] OR [Budget Wig Stand]*


  1. Gather your materials and prepare by having the following handy:
    1. Warm water: Be certain the water is cooler than a cup of coffee as heat can alter the shape of latex.
    2. Soap: Make certain there are no oils or petroleums in the soap. Oil and petroleum can seep into and break down latex.
    3. A few gentle towels or cloths: Never use a scouring pad or dish scrubber because they can destroy the paint and the surface of the latex mask.
  2. Gently but thoroughly wipe down the whole mask inside and out as needed, be certain if you just finished wearing it to clean out any sweat or fluids so that no oils linger on the latex to break it down.
  3. Rinse the mask thoroughly. Ensure all remaining soap is fully rinsed off of the mask so that it cannot dry and crack your hood.
  4. Soak up all the water with a dry towel. Ensure no little pools of water or droplets remain on the mask. Once it is dry you can display your hood on its wig stand again in a dry shaded area. Be extra certain your mask is dry before putting it in long term storage.

Poor Latex <-> Product Interactions:

At this point we’ve gone over all the major things to avoid and basic care instructions. With all of that said, here are some specific things to be careful about around your new latex hood:

Transform and Enjoy:

We hope you find many years of comfort and excitement out of your hood and hope that it finds a special place in your heart and home!

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about your purchase, we stand behind our hoods! Our general warranty for free repairs and sizing alterations is 6 months, however feel free to contact our shop for a repair estimate at any point if your hood becomes damaged!

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